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The Merry Wives of Windsor

About the Production

The fat knight Sir John Falstaff imagines that Mistress Ford and Mistress Page are both taken with him and so, attracted as much by their husbands’ money as their personal charms, he decides to woo them both. But the women are up to the old lecher’s tricks and turn the tables on him with a series of humiliating assignations, midnight terrors and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket. 

There is also a sub-plot of Doctor Caius, a quick-tempered French doctor, and Slender, the stupid nephew of Justice Shallow, vying for the favours of the lovely young Anne Page, while she finds both of them abhorrent, caring instead for young Fenton. 

Gutsy, colloquial and bustling with vivid characters, The Merry Wives of Windsor is a brilliantly constructed farce and the only comedy Shakespeare set in his native land. It is also the ancestor of English bourgeois comedy and gave birth to a tradition that reaches down to the modern TV sitcom. The production made merry with the relationship between the life of middle-class Elizabethan England and the late medieval period in which the play is set.


  • Sir John Falstaff – a roguish scoundrel and occasional thief who loves his drink and who is also boisterous, lively, cowardly, funny, and mischievous.
  • Bardolph, Pistol, Nym – all followers of Falstaff. (Nym could be female)
  • Robin – page to Falstaff.
  • Mr Ford – a gentlemen resident of Windsor who is very jealous of his wife
  • Mr Page – a gentlemen resident of Windsor who is not jealous of his wife.
  • William Page – Mr Page’s young son.
  • Sir Hugh Evans – a Welsh parson with strong Welsh accent who is often humiliated for his accent
  • Doctor Caius – a French physician who is also often humiliated because of his strong accent.
  • Rugby – a servant to Doctor Caius.
  • Robert Shallow – a Country Justice.
  • Abraham Slender – cousin to Shallow.
  • Simple – servant to Slender.
  • Fenton – a young gentleman.
  • The Host of the Garter Inn – could be female
  • Mistress Quickly – the feisty servant of Doctor Caius who often misconstrues what she hears.
  • Mistress Ford  Mistress Ford is married to Ford and is a friend of Mistress Page.
  • Mistress Page  Mistress Page is married to Page and is a friend of Mistress Ford.
  • Anne Page – Mistress Page's daughter, in love with Fenton.


Auditions: Saturday 3 December 2016 (with callbacks on the afternoon of Sunday 4 December), Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee St, Wellington

Performances: 15– 25 March 2017

Auditions will be in large groups for approximately one and a half hours.

Times are: 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturday 3 December.

Auditionees may turn up for any of these times. There is no requirement to register for auditions. However, part of the audition will be reading from one or more extracts from the script, which will be available in advance.

If you are unable to attend auditions on 3 December, it may be possible to arrange another time – to do so contact Production Manager Joy Hellyer at auditions@stagecraft.co.nz

To request a copy of the audition pieces, or for any queries, also email auditions@stagecraft.co.nz