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Bare: A Pop Opera

Bare - A Pop Opera


Director: Aaron Blackledge 
Musical Director: Jo Hodgson
Choreographer Katty Lau

Auditions: 4 and 5 May
Season: 28 August - 7 September
About the Musical

Bare is an emotional and topical pop-rock musical which follows a diverse group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school as they struggle to come to terms with who they are, their parents and teachers, and who the world thinks they should be. The rich vibrant score draws on many styles of contemporary music. The story is about Peter, a sensitive nice guy and his secret boyfriend Jason, the popular golden boy, who is terrified of being outed, while dealing with popular girl Ivy who wants him, arch-rival Matt who wants Ivy, and his unappreciated twin sister Nadia who is Ivy's rival. There is a play within the play - a school production of Romeo and Juliet, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the star-crossed lovers in and out of the play. The script includes many mature themes including drug use, teen pregnancy, sexuality, body image, bullying and suicide.

Variety magazine describes it as “a magnificent, totally original, contemporary musical extravaganza that explores the schism between youthful passion and theological dogma.”

This musical will appeal to fans of musicals such as "Spring Awakening" and "Rent", as well as TV shows like "Glee" and "13 Reasons Why".

The Characters

  • Jason: (Lead)  St. Cecilia’s golden boy; handsome, charming, popular jock with a sweet side; Peter’s secret boyfriend; Nadia’s twin brother; closeted, questioning, scared. Pop Bari-Tenor Belt
  • Peter: (Lead)  Jason’s clandestine boyfriend, roommate and best friend; introspective, sensitive, loyal and kind – friend to all. Pop Tenor Belt
  • Ivy: (Lead)  Popular girl who all others envy; can get any guy she wants without even trying; inside is insecure, with a need to be loved; Nadia’s roommate and arch rival; the object of Matt’s obsession. Soprano Belt
  • Nadia: (Lead) Jason's twin sister and Ivy's antagonist and rival, struggles with her weight, leading to trouble with self-image and depression, feels self-conscious, overlooked, and unappreciated in her brother's shadow; she laughs at herself before others can and acts out rebelliously before people can notice how she doesn't fit in, sarcastic, with dark, caustic wit. Mezzo/Soprano.
  • Matt (Supporting) Studious and pious academic and athletic rival to Jason; despite his best efforts, always comes in second; obsessed with Ivy. Tenor Belt
  • Lucas (Supporting) St. Cecilia’s fun loving purveyor of altered reality, a dealer, rap skills a plus; comedic bad boy of the group. Baritone
  • Tanya (Featured ensemble ) Student and Lucas’s girlfriend, backup singer to Sister Chantelle. Soprano
  • Kyra (Featured ensemble) Student, backup singer to Sister Chantelle. Alto
  • Diane (Featured ensemble) Student, very naive, ever cheerful. Alto
  • Rory (Featured ensemble) Student, sarcastic. Soprano
  • Zack (Featured ensemble) Student, jock, not the brightest bulb. Baritone
  • Alan (Featured ensemble)  Nerdy student type. Tenor
  • We are also seeking some actors for ensemble roles and featured dancers
  • Claire (Supporting) 35- 55 Peter’s mother, loving, in denial of Peter’s sexuality, wants to help and support him but doesn’t know how. Mezzo/Soprano
  • Sister Chantelle (Supporting) 25+  Must exude sass and confidence, needs to own the room every time she’s in it. Does not tolerate incompetence and expects the best from her students. Often uses sarcastic and deadpan humour but is also a caring teacher/Nun. Must be comfortable with riffing/vocal ad lib and gospel singingThe role is written for an African American. Mezzo/Soprano
  • Father (Supporting) 35+ St. Cecilia's headmaster, a traditionalist and voice of authority, friendly and caring towards his students, but finds himself forced into an impossible situation when a troubled student comes to him for forgivenessBaritone 
Book an Audition

To register to audition or to request more information please email

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to audition for any role regardless of previous experience. There is also no restriction on gender or ethnicity for auditioning for any role. Most of the actors will be playing high school seniors but there are also three "adult" roles. 

Initial auditions (solo)
Auditionees should prepare two pieces. Firstly 32 bars of a song of your choosing. This song should be something you feel comfortable singing and can convey a clear story. Please bring a backing track (no a capella singing).

Secondly an extract from the show that will be sent out prior to auditions. This extract will match your nominated vocal range. (Accompaniment provided). The MD and Director will give some direction towards one of the pieces.

Call backs
During call backs the auditionee will be taught a piece of choreography from the show and learn another vocal extract from the show, this time with a focus on harmony. You may then be asked to perform one of your audition songs again. (Bring backing track just in case).
When and where
Initial auditions will be held on 4 and 5 May (daytime) and call backs on 5 and 6 May (evening) at the Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee St, Wellington.

Auditions will be in small groups lasting around 30 minutes. Extracts from the play will be used in the audition. A copy of these pieces will be sent to auditionees closer to the audition dates.

A read through is scheduled for 14 April. Rehearsals will start 23 April and will generally be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons at Toi Poneke.