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Daughters of Heaven

Auditions: Daughters of Heaven

by Michelanne Forster
Directed by Helen Mackenzie

Auditions will be held on 18 and 19 February at Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Abel Smith Street, Wellington.

Call backs one evening of the following week may be required.

Auditions will be held in small groups at specified times. Audition pieces will be provided prior to the auditions.

Please email to book a time or with any questions.

Performance dates: 17–27 May 2017.

About the Play

On June 22, 1954 in a secluded part of Victoria Park in Christchurch, Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker battered Pauline's mother to death. The infamous murder, also depicted in the 1994 Peter Jackson movie Heavenly Creatures, arose from the passionate friendship of the two girls. The story examines both the reactions of conservative 1950s Christchurch confronted with evil and the consuming power of love gone awry.

The play tells the story of how the two girls' obsession with each other drove them to commit a heinous act. With Bridget, the Hulmes' maid, we follow how the girls' friendship blossoms and how the imaginative worlds they create together become their solace. Pauline and Juliet's parents deem their utter devotion to each other as unhealthy and try to separate them, forcing them further into their fantasy world. While the world as they know it starts to crumble, Juliet’s family becomes the means to their Hollywood ending and Pauline’s mother the only thing standing in their way. The aftermath and its revelations shock the people of Christchurch further while Juliet and Pauline emerge from their fantasy to face the consequences of their actions.

The Characters

A total of 9 actors are required, with some doubling of roles.
Single character roles:

  • Juliet Hulme: 15½ at the time of the murder. Youthful, manipulative, passionate and enthralling. Looking for a storyteller who can absorb people into their world. Female, age 18-22.
  • Pauline Parker: 16 at the time of the murder. Youthful, willing and sickly. Looking for someone with vulnerability and imagination. Female, age 18-22.
  • Bridget O’Malley: Older than the girls, pious, proper and the gossip of the story. Voice of the people of Christchurch at the time. Preferably able to speak with an Irish accent. Female, age 20-25.
  • Hilda Hulme: Juliet's mother, younger than her husband and Honora. Unhappy with her life, seeks comfort outside her marriage. Will require British accent. Female, age 40+. 

Multiple character roles:

  • Dr Henry Hulme (Rector of Canterbury College, an academic man. Will require British accent), Prison Officer, Justice Adams. Male, age 50+.
  • Honora Mary Rieper (kindly, loves spouse and children, older than Hilda, slightly overbearing. Think Mrs Wheeler in Stanger Things but older.) and Police Matron. Female, age 40+.
  • Herbert Rieper (kindly, loves spouse and children) and Terrence Gresson (Counsel for Juliet). Male, age 50+.
  • Walter Perry (Friend of the Hulmes'. Dapper, well spoken, younger than Dr Hulmes) and Dr Reginald Medlicott. Male, age 30+.
  • Alan Brown (Crown Prosecutor) and Police Detective. Male, Age 40+.

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