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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Chris O'Grady

Auditions: 27-28 February 2021
Performances:  19-29 May 2021

The election is over and Caesar has triumphed, but for how long? Did you vote for Caesar? Is the country now in more danger? Which side will the mob support now?
Come and audition and find out what team are you on: Team Caesar or Team Brutus?
Auditions will be held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February.
Call-backs will be in the evening of Monday 1 March.
Auditions will be in groups and we’ll email you the pieces that will be used.
To book an audition time, or for more information, email

The Characters

There will be up to 30 roles for about 15 actors. All roles are available to any gender. There are varying sizes of roles which can be stand-alone roles or doubled / tripled up. We will ask auditionees to read for just Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Antony. Overall casting will be based on these readings.

Character notes:
Julius Caesar
Ruler of Rome. Proud, vain and believes their own press. Believes that they are above the common people. Seemingly popular with the people.
Politian and conspirator. Close friend of Caesar, but fears that Caesar will become too powerful and will misuse this power. More interested in what is best for the country and not individuals. Tries to justify their actions with logic.
Politian and conspirator. Personally resents Caesar’s power over them. Needs Brutus to legitimise the killing of Caesar. Wears their heart on their sleeve. Shrewd and deceptive. Friends with Brutus.
Mark Antony
Politian and a close, loyal friend of Caesar. Will do anything for Caesar. Manipulative and ruthless. Also likes to party hard.