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King Lear

Audition Notice

King Lear 
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Paul Kay and Joy Hellyer
Auditions: 7-8 April 2018
Production Dates: 27 June - 7 July 2018
Rehearsal Period: rehearsals start 15 April 2018
Among Shakespeare’s many great works, King Lear is often seen as the greatest – and the most challenging. The story of the man who divides up his wealth and his powers among his three daughters, essentially putting himself at the mercy of the two who love him not, while banishing the one who does, is at the same time an epic tale and an intriguing family drama.
Our Lear will have a New Zealand aesthetic and we’re looking for a pool of actors committed to bringing our favourite Shakespeare to life. We are not particular about accents, but we’ll be keen to have some Kiwi voices in the mix and would be delighted to have Māori actors audition for us.

Note: auditions have already been held for the roles of Lear and Gloucester and these have been cast.

We are looking for male actors for Edgar and Edmund, and female actors for Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, but are willing to consider cross-casting options for any of the other roles:
  • Goneril (female, 30s-40s): Eldest daughter of King Lear, regal, entitled and ambitious
  • Regan (female, 30s-40s): Middle daughter of King Lear, self-serving, sexual and cruel
  • Cordelia (female, 20s-30s): Youngest daughter of King Lear, kind, principled and strong
  • Edgar (male, 20s-30s): Elder son of the Earl of Gloucester – needs to be disguised as a mad beggar for large chunks of the play – loyal, empathetic and courageous 
  • Edmund (male, 20s-30s): Second, illegitimate son of the Earl of Gloucester, visceral, opportunistic and cruel
  • Kent (40s+): Loyal servant to Lear – has to be disguised as a servant for the bulk of the play – devoted and principled
  • Fool (any age): Engaging, witty, some musical ability may be an advantage
  • Albany (30s-40s): Goneril's spouse, principled, detached
  • Cornwall (30s-40s): Regan's spouse, greedy, violent and vicious
  • Oswald (any age): Goneril's servant
  • France and Burgundy (20s-30s): Suitors of Cordelia
There are a variety of other speaking roles and some of the roles will be doubled.
To sign up for an audition, or if you have any queries, please contact the Production Manager Sarah Wood at