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That Bloody Woman

Who’s on the front of the $10 note?


By Luke Di Somma & Gregory Cooper


Directors: Joy Hellyer & Paul Kay; Musical Director: Katie Morton

About the Musical

That Bloody Woman is a rock musical that tells the story of Kate Sheppard and her fight to get women the vote. It’s an incredibly famous story given New Zealand was the first country to do so (in 1893). We witness not only Kate’s lengthy and at times very difficult political struggle, but also her personal journey – the sacrifices she made and the challenges she faced along the way.

That Bloody Woman  is a fast-paced rollercoaster, moving swiftly and smoothly from humour and irreverence to adversity and tragedy, from full-on rock to heart-rending ballad – and back again.

The base style is punk rock with other genres woven in – the use of rock music and punk design elements provide a great platform that enables the use of modern vernacular to narrate a piece of history. It makes the musical engaging, entertaining, and the music is a driving impetus in the storytelling. This is history the way you wish you could have learned it – fast and fun with great tunes!


What we're looking for

Character descriptions and vocal ranges below.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to audition regardless of previous experience. Strong singers are required, but attitude is also important – this is as much a rock concert as a musical, and we're looking for some of that vibe in our casting. Character is also important – and with quite a bit of doubling, versatility will be a bonus.

About the Auditions

Initial auditions (solo)

Auditionees will need to prepare two musical pieces and one spoken piece from the show. There will be a selection of extracts to choose for each of the three pieces.

Call backs

Auditionees may be called back for certain roles and may be given new pieces for call backs.


Auditions will be held on 10 and 11 October (daytime), with call backs on 13th and 15th October (evening).

Rehearsals begin w/c 19 October.

Performance dates: 24th February – 6th March 2021.

Please email to request an audition or to ask any questions.




All actors are part of the ensemble.

The roles of Kate Sheppard and Richard Seddon are not doubled with any other role:

Kate Sheppard

Lead Suffragist. A rock star. A leader. Outrageous rock/musical theatre voice and strong belt required. F3 - E5.


Richard “King Dick” Seddon

Prime Minister and Kate's nemesis. Incredible rock/soul bari-tenor, who can groove and rap. Physically imposing.

C2 (can get away with Eb2) - E3 or C3 - E4

All of the other roles are likely to be doubled:

Kate’s Uncle

Non-singing. Scottish accent. Part of ensemble.


Kate’s Father

Non-singing. Part of ensemble.


Walter Sheppard

Kate's husband. Strong rock voice and falsetto. Part of ensemble.

A2 - B3; Falsetto up to G#4


Willam Lovell-Smith

Kate's unrequited love. Strong rock voice and falsetto. Part of ensemble.

A2 - F4; Falsetto up to G#4


Jennie Lovell-Smith

Kate's best friend and wife of William. Strong rock/indie/musical theatre voice. 

A3 - B4 


Ada Wells

Suffragette from a violent marriage. Strong rock/indie/musical theatre voice.

C4 - B4



Comedy chops, strong and flexible musical theatre voice.

Approx. C#3 - B3 or C#4 - B4 


Mary Leavitt

Leading American suffragette. Fantastic rock/gospel/musical theatre voice. 

Approx. G3 - Eb5 


Sir John Hall and Sir John Ballance (the two Johns)

Strong all round musical theatre voices.