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Author: Ben Elton

Summary: Popcorn is a very funny black comedy, a thrill-a-minute hostage drama, a satirical look at the Hollywood system and at the culture of all blame and no responsibility. It has glamour, guns, gore, sex, drugs, vigorous discussions and men in underwear! Hollywood director and egomaniac Bruce Delamitri arrives home one morning with his Oscar under one arm and latest starlet Brooke under the other to discover Wayne and his girlfriend Scout, the Mall Murderers, in residence. Also present are the wife, the daughter, the sleazy producer and a television crew and then... you'll just have to come and see it! Written by British comedy icon Ben Elton, the play won the Olivier award for Best West-End Comedy. Elton is famous for co-writing the Eighties comedies The Young Ones and Blackadder as well as several best-selling novels, including Popcorn. He also wrote the libretto for Queen, the musical.

Dates and times: 21 June to 24 June at 8 pm, 25 June at 4 pm, 27 and 28 June at 6.30 pm, 29 June, 30 June and 1 July at 8 pm

Tickets: $18 waged, $15 members, unwaged and groups of 10 or more


  • Bruce Delamitri, the director - Simon Boyes
  • Farrah Delamitri, the wife - Ashley Borden
  • Velvet Delamitri, the daughter - Yvette Misseldine
  • Brooke Daniels, the actress and model - Margaret Cain
  • Karl Brezner, the producer - Rodney Bane
  • Wayne Hudson, the Mall Murderer - Chris O'Grady
  • Scout, Wayne's woman and Mall Murderer - Meredith Dooley
  • Bill, cameraman - Malcolm Campbell
  • Kirsten, sound recordist - Tabitha Arthur

Crew: Paul Kay (director), Iona Anderson (production manager, wardrobe coordinator, publicity coordinator), Joy Hellyer (stage manager), Sue Saville (prompt, wardrobe assistant), Matthew Leather (lighting design), Tanya Piejus (lighting operator), Mark Harris (sound design, sound operator), Stephen Fearnley (set design, set construction), Sam Perry (set construction), Fiona Watson (wardrobe assistant), Christine Gourlay (wardrobe assistant), Helen White (wardrobe assistant), Tabitha Arthur (hair, make-up, publicity photos), Cilla Abbott (props, set dressing), Elizabeth Marshall (front of house manager)

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