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The Boys Next Door

Author: Tom Griffin

Summary: Jackie supervises the comings and goings of Arnold, Lucien, Norman and Barry and their lives are like all of ours: full of worries, hopes, misunderstandings and good times. Their lives, however, are a little more complicated, and they depend more than they know on Jackie's calm and gentle guidance. So what happens when she needs to take a break?

The beauty of this play is that the audience gets to see 'the person beneath the skin' - who they want to be as well as who they are. Described as 'one of the best ensemble pieces of modern theatre', The Boys Next Door is full of humour, perceptive observation and very recognisable silliness. It is also not without its share of strong emotion so, depending what mood you're in, it's a play that is both thought-provoking and fun.

Dates and times: Wednesday 6 September to Saturday 9 September at 8 pm, Sunday 10 September at 4 pm, Tuesday 12 September and Wednesday 13 September at 6.30 pm, Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 September at 8 pm

Tickets: $18 waged, $15 unwaged, members and groups of 10 or more


  • Arnold - Brian Howard
  • Norman - Alec Rogers
  • Lucien - Martin Brown
  • Barry - Matthew Flynn
  • Jackie - Tanya Piejus
  • Sheila - Mary Coffey
  • Mr Klemper - Sam Perry
  • Mrs Fremus, Mrs Warren and Clara - Sara Velasquez
  • Mr Hedges, Mr Corbin and Mr Clarke - Malcolm Campbell

Crew: Iona Anderson (director, publicity coordinator), Stephen Fearnley (production manager, set designer, set builder), Meredith Dooley (production assistant, props/set dressing), Joy Hellyer (stage manager), Corrinna Bennett (assistant stage manager), Sue Saville (prompt), Ginny Brewer (sound designer, sound operator), Nicky Burkitt (lighting designer, lighting operator), Matthew Leather (lighting designer), Sam Perry (set builder), Helen White (wardrobe), Ashley Borden (wardrobe), Sue Taylor (wardrobe), Rodney Bane (poster designer), Leigh Cain (front of house manager)

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The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door