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Dead Man's Hand

Author: Seymour Matthews

Summary: Two couples find themselves double-booked into a luxurious Italian villa. What do they have in common? Who is the mysterious Konakis? And why does he seem to want them all dead?

Those who love murder-mysteries will love this clever, Agatha Christie-esque production, with more plots than a politician and more twists than a corkscrew.

Dates and times: Wednesday 25 July to Saturday 28 July 2007 at 8 pm, Sunday 29 July at 4 pm, Tuesday 31 July and Wednesday 1 August at 6.30 pm, Thursday 2 August to Saturday 4 August at 8 pm


  • Jennifer - Meredith Dooley
  • Brian - TJ McDonald
  • David - Tom Rimmer
  • Corinne - Stathia Golding
  • Franco - Tanya Piejus
  • Pamela - Tabitha Arthur

Crew: Stephen Fearnley (director, set designer), Ginny Brewer (production manager, sound designer), Joy Hellyer (stage manager), Dawn Nisbet (assistant stage manager), Sam Perry, Alec Rogers (set construction), Leslie Craven (lighting designer and operator, sound operator), Jim Stanton (prompt, wardrobe, props), Tabitha Arthur (poster and programme designer), Tanya Piejus (photographer), Ashley Borden (front of house manager)

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Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand