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Summer End

Author: Eric Chappell

Summary: Popular author Eric Chappell has written many comedies, among his best-known being the very successful Rising Damp and Only When I Laugh. His writing is dry and witty; his humour reveals an understanding and enjoyment of the human condition and this is clearly evident in Summer End.

Emily Baines and May Brewer share a bed-sitting room in the Summer End retirement home. May is a newcomer, Emily's previous room-mate, Bella, having just recently and rather unexpectedly died.

Cantankerous and iron-willed but forgetful, Emily is certain that Bella was murdered for her money by Sally, one of the care-givers, in collusion with the home's aging sex-symbol, Vernon Watts. She has the evidence to prove it, or so she thinks.

However, when her evidence disappears and Bella's sapphire ring is found among her possessions, Emily cannot remember enough about her own past actions to stop suspicion falling on her. Neither May, her own son, nor the ever-present manager, Mrs Lang, appear to want to believe her, and it is not until May is attacked by the would-be killer that the mystery is solved.

Summer End combines the elements of a murder mystery thriller with a touching and funny character study of two elderly ladies whose friendship grows as they face suspicion and adversity together.

Dates and times: Thursday 20 March and Saturday 22 March 2008 at 8 pm (no performance on Good Friday), Sunday 23 March at 4 pm, Monday 24 March at 2 pm, Tuesday 25 March and Wednesday 26 March at 6.30 pm, Thursday 27 March to Saturday 29 March at 8 pm (the performance on Wednesday 19 March was a special performance for invited guests only)


  • Emily - Betty Adam
  • May - Nan Sanders
  • Sally - Angela Fitzharris
  • Mrs Lang - Jan Lippert
  • Alan - Alec Rogers

Crew: Christine Hunt (director), Leigh Cain (production manager), Stephen Fearnley (set construction, stage manager), Lee Bennett (lighting designer and operator, sound designer and operator), Tabitha Arthur (set painter), Kiersten Leslie (props), Iona Anderson (wardrobe), Robyn Sadlier (prompt), Joy Hellyer (front of house manager), Matthew Hodgman (publicity photography)

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Summer End

Summer End

Summer End