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The Devils

Author: John Whiting

Summary: Urbain Grandier, a handsome and worldly priest, receives an offer from Sister Jeanne of the Angels, the Mother Superior of a local convent, to become the spiritual adviser to the convent. He rejects the offer, but Sister Jeanne becomes obsessed with him and accuses him of being in league with the Devil. She further accuses him of seducing the entire convent.

The play combines political commentary with powerful scenes of mass hysteria and denunciation. But, while it's strong fare, this production focuses not on shock but on exploring how such things can happen and the mindset of the age.

John Whiting was one of the foremost theatre writers of his time, though he did not fit any of the categories typified by playwrights such as Harold Pinter, John Osborne or Samuel Beckett. When Whiting died of cancer at the age of 46, one critic commented that 'we can ill afford to lose the plays he would have written'. In the power of his language and dramaturgy, Whiting has been compared to the compelling Elizabethan playwright, John Webster.

Professional director and writer Phil Mann, former HoD of Theatre and Film at Victoria University, is returning to Stagecraft for the first time since directing The Imaginary Invalid in 2004.

Dates and times: Wednesday 21 to Saturday 24 May 2008 at 8 pm, Sunday 25 May at 4 pm, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 May at 6.30 pm, Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 May at 8 pm

Tickets: $22 waged, $20 unwaged, $18 each for groups of 10 or more, $15 Stagecraft members. Special two-for-one ticket deal on Thursday 22 May.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Mannoury - Matt Todd
  • Adam - Thomas Rimmer
  • Ninon - Deanne Graham
  • D'Armagnac - Sam Perry
  • de Cerisay - Stephen Fearnley
  • Grandier - Tom Rainbird
  • Sewerman - Alec Rogers
  • Trincant/Bontemps - Bernie White
  • Rochepozay/de Conde - Rob Hickey
  • Rangier - Malcolm Campbell
  • Barre - Andrew Aspen
  • Phillipe - Catherine Bisley
  • Jeanne - Kate Blackhurst
  • de Laubardement - Moot Davis
  • Claire - Danielle Duburguet
  • Louise - Jasmine Embrechts
  • Gabrielle - Kate Venables
  • Nuns - Pam Alderton, Ginny Brewer, Margaret Crawford, 
    Joan Foster, Gemma O'Brien
  • Mignon - David Adams
  • Ambrose - Brian Howard
  • Clerk - George Hirst
  • Soldier/citizen - Darrell Haddon, Andrew Cross

Crew: Phil Mann (director), Tanya Piejus (assistant director, photographer, poster and flyer designer), Meredith Dooley (production manager, bookings manager), Leigh Cain (prompt), Andrea Wiechern (stage manager), Dawn Nisbet (assistant stage manager), Matthew Leather (lighting designer), Devon Heaphy (assistant lighting designer, lighting operator), Alan Burden (sound designer), Susan Page (sound operator), Keren Chiaroni (production designer, wardrobe coordinator), Glen Fearnley, Liz Page, Jane Craven, Margie Crawford (wardrobe assistants), Kate Venables (poster and flyer artwork), Rob Hickey (props coordinator), Sam Perry, Stephen Fearnley, Alec Rogers, Darrell Haddon (set construction), Hilary Combes (front of house manager)

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The Devils

The Devils

The Devils

The Devils