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Necessary Targets

Author: Eve Ensler

Summary: 'When we think of war, we think of it as something that happens to men' Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues) writes, 'but after the bombing, that's when the real war begins.'

In 1995, Ensler went to Bosnia and met women who were forced to deal with the aftermath of war. 'It was their community, their insane humanity in the face of catastrophe, their staggering refusal to have or seek revenge that fueled me and ultimately moved me to write this play', she wrote.

In Necessary Targets, Melissa, a strident young disaster specialist and JS, a pampered urban psychiatrist, form an unlikely friendship when they go to Bosnia to help female war survivors cope with their traumas. However, in the refugee camp the 'normal' boundaries between therapist and patient become blurred and the relationships and experiences that are revealed unexpectedly challenge the interlopers: in the search for their stories, are the women still just 'necessary targets'?

Dates and times: Wednesday 25 March to Saturday 28 March 2009 at 8 pm, Sunday 29 March at 4 pm, Tuesday 31 March and Wednesday 1 April at 6.30 pm, Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 April at 8 pm

Tickets: $22 waged, $20 unwaged, $18 groups of 10 or more, $15 members. Two-for-$22 ticket deal on Thursday 26 March.


  • JS - Loren Martin
  • Melissa - Tanya Piejus
  • Zlata - Dee Guja
  • Nuna - Emmy Wafer
  • Jelena - Kate Blackhurst
  • Azra - Christine Hunt
  • Seada - Eva Corlett

Crew: Claire Hewitt (director), Iona Anderson (production manager), Jan Lippert (stage manager), Stephen Fearnley (set construction coordinator, assistant stage manager), Sam Perry, Alec Rogers, Darrell Haddon, Peter Swain, Matt Todd (set construction), Tabitha Arthur, Matthew Leather (lighting design), Ross Foubister (lighting operator), Simon Boyes (sound design), Susan Page (sound operator), Louise Grenside, Paul Sadlier, Glen Wilkinson (props), Nan Sanders, Jenny Parkin, Sue Taylor (wardrobe), Leigh Cain (prompt), Tanya Piejus, Matthew Hodgman (photographer), Rodney Bane (opening night supper), Scenario Communications (poster and flyer design)


  • See below for Ewen Coleman's review

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Necessary Targets

Necessary Targets

Necessary Targets

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