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Wuthering Heights

Author: Jane Thornton

Summary: Set against a single backdrop, six actors play out the story of Catherine and Heathcliff's unfulfilled love for each other, of Edgar and Isabella whose kindness leads to betrayal, and of the children Cathy and Hareton - caught up in the aftermath of misunderstanding and loss.

Inconsolable with grief and rage, Heathcliff's need for revenge drives him to acts of inexplicable cruelty against those around him. But it becomes apparent that, rather than being simply vindictive, Heathcliff is a man tormented by ghosts. Eventually he relinquishes his vendetta and finally Hareton and Cathy find together what Heathcliff and Catherine could not.

'Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.'

While the majority of the film versions of Wuthering Heights have focused only on the first half of Bronte's work this two-hour adaptation (first published in 2005) tells the entire story. Jane Thornton's ability to convey all the complexities of plot and emotion with respect for the original text, as well as recognising the needs of a modern audience, is one of the major reasons that director Iona Anderson was drawn to this particular version.

The multiple roles played by the six actors demands a tight ensemble approach, while a simple set offers the crew the chance to concentrate on sound, lighting and costume to create for the audience the harshness of Wuthering Heights, the comfort of Thrushcross Grange and the wildness of the moors where the play is centred.

Dates and times: Wednesday 16 September to Saturday 19 September 2009 at 8 pm, Sunday 20 September at 3 pm, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 September at 6.30 pm, Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 September at 8 pm.

Tickets: $22 waged, $20 unwaged, $18 each for groups of 10 or more, $15 Stagecraft members. Two-for-$22 ticket deal on Thursday 17 September.


  • Cathy/Catherine - Rebecca Parker
  • Hindley/Hareton/Joseph - Alan Carabott
  • Old Earnshaw/Edgar/Linton - Reuben Brickell
  • Nelly Dean - Shannon Tubman
  • Frances/Isabella - Jim Stanton
  • Heathcliff - Ben Priest

Crew: Iona Anderson (director, set designer, set construction, wardrobe), Tabitha Arthur (intern director, set construction), Sam Perry (production manager, set construction, props), Melanie Camp (stage manager), Sue Saville (prompt), Alan Burden (sound designer), Jacqueline Brasfield (sound operator), Matthew Leather (lighting designer), Devon Heaphy (lighting operator), Sheena Hudson (props), Anna Beccard (hair and make-up), Tanya Piejus, Matthew Hodgman, Chris Williamson (photographer), Susannah Donovan (front of house manager), Tyrone Ohia of Scenario Communications (poster and flyer designer)

Review: See below for Ewen Coleman's review

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

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