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Author: William Shakespeare

Summary: Returning victorious from battle, Macbeth meets three witches who prophesy that he will rise to the throne of Scotland, though its heirs will be the descendants of another general, Banquo.

Spurred by this prophecy and the encouragement of Lady Macbeth, he murders the sleeping King Duncan and assumes the throne. And once he's also murdered Banquo and Lady Macduff and her children, he feels secure because the witches have told him 'none of woman born shall harm Macbeth'. But great Birnam Wood is stirring.

Shakespeare's shortest tragedy is brought to life in this stunning new production that will take its audience on a dark, relentless rollercoaster ride of terror.

Dates and times: Wednesday 5 to Saturday 8 May 2010 at 8 pm, Sunday 9 May at 3 pm, Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 May at 6.30 pm, Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 May at 8 pm

Ticket prices: $22 adults, $20 seniors and students, $15 Stagecraft members, $12 school students. Two tickets for $22 on the first Thursday for all ticket categories.


  • Macbeth - Ben Haddock
  • Lady Macbeth - Michelle Jordan
  • Banquo - Andrew Goddard
  • MacDuff - Stephen Walter
  • Duncan/Seyward - Marty Pilott
  • Malcolm - Reuben Brickell
  • Donalbain/Mentieth - Andrew Cross
  • Ross - Tom Rainbird
  • Lennox/Murderer 2 - Crispin Garden-Webster
  • Bloody Sergeant/Murderer 1 - Luke Gumbley
  • Porter/Seyton/Murderer 3/Servant - Alec Rogers
  • Doctor/Old Man - Pat McCarthy
  • Witch 1/Lady Macduff - Shannon Tubman
  • Witch 2/Gentlewoman - Kerina Deas
  • Witch 3/Messenger - Aisha Pachoud
  • Young Seyward - Felix Sampson
  • Fleance - Matthew Clay
  • MacDuff's daughter - Mirren Callaghan

Crew: Chris O'Grady (director), Simon Boyes (assistant director), Rob Hickey (production manager), Tanya Piejus (rehearsal prompt), Corinna Bennett (stage manager), Sam Perry (set construction coordinator), Devon Heaphy (lighting designer), Alan Burden (sound designer, sound operator), Louise Grenside (lighting operator), Shaun Wilson (sound operator), Meredith Dooley, Amy Whiterod, Liz Page (wardrobe coordinator), Robyn Sadlier, Paul Sadlier (props coordinator), Allen Henry (stage combat consultant), Jack Wass (photographer), Terry Binding (front of house manager)

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