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Silly Cow

Author: Ben Elton

Summary: Ben Elton's characters 'spar with such eviscerating wit it's a wonder they don't cut themselves'.

Ben Elton's second play Silly Cow, described as a 'comic revenge tragedy', is a very, very funny piece of writing. His astute observational skills and desire to pull no punches have allowed his humour to take on a deliciously wicked quality as he focuses on actors, the price of ambition, critics and 'journalistic liberty'.

'Is the press to be shackled by an unhealthy obsession with the facts? It's going to make for some very dull breakfast reading if everything we write has to be true.'

his wickedly funny satire on the slick and savage world of the tabloid press portrays a protagonist who has clawed her way to success and celebrity as a merciless and vicious critic: 'I'm the nasty cow who slaughters the sacred cows'. She has everything that a tough tabloid columnist could want: a toy boy with a regular supply of Colombian gear, a pretty PA who might come to share her libidinous preferences, the prospect of her own TV show and not a scruple in sight. Any skeletons she may have in her cupboard are, like her bondage gear, firmly locked up, or so she believes.

Coolly unconcerned by the impending libel suit brought by one of her victims and not averse to a bit of double dealing to secure her next career move, she swans about her apartment like a queen but even she cannot comprehend the truly Machiavellian plot brewing in the wings.

'I trust all editors to be dirty, duplicitous little weasels and not one has ever failed me!'

Author Ben Elton is a well known and very popular English-born comedian, writer and director who now lives in both London and Fremantle, Western Australia.

His writing credits include the Blackadder series, The Thin Blue Line and Blessed for television, while his 12 published novels include This Other Eden, Dead Famous, Inconceivable (later adapted for film as Maybe Baby) and Blind Faith.

Elton's stage plays include Gasping, Popcorn and Silly Cow, all of which opened on the West End. Silly Cow featured Dawn French in its extremely successful West End opening and was reviewed as 'crude, clever and killingly funny' (Daily Mirror) and 'a cracker of a play'.

Dates and times: Wednesday 3 to Saturday 6 November 2010 at 8 pm, Sunday 7 November at 3 pm, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November at 6.30 pm, Thursday 11 November to Saturday 13 November at 8 pm

Ticket prices: $22 adults, $20 seniors and students, $15 Stagecraft members, $12 school students. Two tickets for $22 on the first Thursday of each production for all ticket categories. Early bird discount: book for the first week of the play and get $2 off the full ticket price ($20 instead of $22).


  • Doris - Lydia Harris
  • Peggy - Rebecca Parker
  • Eduardo - Daniel Watterson
  • Sidney - Tom Horder
  • Douglas - John Spencer

Crew: Iona Anderson (director), Shannon Tubman (assistant director), Sam Perry (production manager, set coordinator), Isla Borrell (stage manager), Simon Boyes, (sound designer), Tanya Piejus (sound operator), David Murray (lighting designer), Luke Gumbley (lighting operator), Amy Whiterod (wardrobe coordinator), Sue Saville (prompt), Sheena Hudson (props coordinator), Stephen Fearnley (props assistant), Tabitha Arthur (photographer), Terry Binding (front of house manager)

Review: See below for Ewen Coleman's review

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Silly Cow

Silly Cow

Silly Cow

Silly Cow

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