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The Family

Author: Jill Shearer

Summary: What is truth? How important is it? Is it only important when it doesn't affect you? When it doesn't undermine your family? Hurt the people you love? Would you ignore it? Could you ignore it?

If you've done something wrong you take the responsibility and the consequences. Or do you? If you were young, naive or coerced, does that excuse you?

Thirty-five years of denial and guilt have left heavy scars on the skin of the family and Sarah has to decide whether to pursue an investigation that will bring disgrace on her father and possibly destroy her mother.

The Family moves inexorably towards nemesis and catharsis: a man yearning for confession, a betrayed wife, bewildered and conflicted children - a tragic family caught up in the culture of a bigger family that allows no escape.

Shearer works concentrically: a pebble dropped into the small domestic pond sends inquisitive ripples outward to the savage rim of society.

Dates and times: Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 June 2010 at 8 pm, Sunday 27 June at 3 pm, Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June at 6.30 pm, Thursday 1 July to Saturday 3 July at 8 pm

Ticket prices: $22 adults, $20 seniors and students, $15 Stagecraft members, $12 school students. Two tickets for $22 on the first Thursday for all ticket categories.


  • Ann Carlisle - Kerryn Donovan
  • Emma Stevenson - Natalie Hunt
  • Sarah Lucas - Gabrielle Stewart
  • Barbara Stevenson - Ruth Sarratt
  • Frank Stevenson - Tom Rainbird
  • Alan Lucas - Shane Boulton
  • Charlie - Jack Pierce

Crew: Leigh Cain (director), Stephen Fearnley (production manager), Natalie Beran (stage manager), Robyn Sadlier (rehearsal prompt), David Murray (lighting designer), Barry Meyers (sound designer), Mary-Claire Reilly (wardrobe coordinator), Iona Anderson (props coordinator and set dressing), Rebecca Parker (set construction coordinator), Terry Binding (front-of-house manager), Tanya Piejus (photographer)

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The Family

The Family

The Family