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Nosferatu, Vampyre of the Night

Author: Simon Boyes and Mary Coffey

Summary: Loosely based on FW Murnau's 1922 silent film, Nosferatu follows the film script with a few additions from Bram Stoker's Novel, Dracula.

Newlyweds Jonathan and Ellen are saddened when Jonathan is sent to Transylvania by his employer to arrange for Count Orlok's purchase of a house across the street from Jonathan's house in England. Jonathan travels to Transylvania where he stays with Orlok, unaware of the evil he has entered into. Jonathan succumbs to the power of the Nosferatu and eventually escapes from the castle, but not before seeing the Count depart on a cart loaded with coffins. With Jonathan still unwell in Transylvania, Orlok arrives in England by ship, having attacked each crew member. He moves into his newly purchased house. The sudden rise in deaths is accredited to a plague thought to have arrived by rats having fled from the ship.

Jonathan eventually makes his return to England and his beloved Ellen. Ellen and her Doctor, Van Helsing, discover The Book of the Vampires. This helps explain to Van Helsing the mystery of the 'plague' victims and he and Ellen realise that the Nosferatu is among them. Ellen reads what she must do to end the vampire.

Come along on the first Friday for a special dress-up midnight show.

Dates and times: Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November 2011 at 8 pm, Friday 11 November at midnight (special late showing, just $15 for all tickets), Saturday 12 November at 8 pm, Sunday 13 November at 3 pm, Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November at 6.30 pm, Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 November at 8 pm

Ticket prices: $22 waged adults, $20 seniors, unwaged adults and tertiary students, $15 Stagecraft members and high-school students with valid ID. Two tickets for $22 on the first Thursday for all ticket categories. Early bird discount: book for the first week of the play and get $2 off the full ticket price ($20 instead of $22). Special midnight show on 11 November, just $15 for all tickets.


  • Ellen - Angela Fitzharris
  • Jonathan - Gary Miller
  • Arthur - Stephen Walter
  • Lucy - Ashleigh Morris
  • Renfield - Alec Rogers
  • Orlok - Tim Yarrow
  • van Helsing - Rob Hickey
  • Hawkins/Coastguard - Tom Rainbird
  • Innkeeper/Captain - Crispin Garden-Webster
  • Innkeeper's Wife/Sister Agnes - Felicity Cozens
  • Female Vampire/Maid - Amy Whiterod
  • Coachman/Olgaren - Tim Papps
  • Coach Driver/Official/Sailor - Mark Smith
  • Passenger/Doctor - Karl Eagle
  • Searcher/Street Man - Vince Jennings
  • Maid/Street Woman - Susannah Donovan
  • Attendant - William T'eo

Crew: Simon Boyes (director), Rodney Bane (production manager), Leah Carrell (rehearsal prompt, production assistant), Barry Meyers (stage manager), Tanya Piejus (assistant stage manager), Sam Perry (set construction coordinator), Devon Heaphy (lighting designer), Jessica McNamara (lighting operator and rigger), Stephen Preston (sound operator), Iona Anderson (wardrobe coordinator), Liz Page, Shannon Anderson, Amy Lorimer, Laura Gilkison (wardrobe assistants), Jonathan Kingston-Smith (props coordinator), Susannah Donovan (props assistant), Gabrielle Stewart (front of house manager), Stephen A'Court, Tanya Piejus (photographer)

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