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Author: Lucy Prebble

Summary: In the year 2000, ENRON was the seventh largest listed company in the US - bigger than Sony, bigger than IBM, bigger than Apple. One year later the company was gone, the biggest corporate collapse in US history - $35 billion debt, 20,000 jobs lost, $1.2 billion pensions lost and one Big Five accounting firm wiped out; three convictions, one fatal heart attack, a suicide and the longest sentence ever handed down for corporate crime.

This is the story of the company's rise and fall from 1992 until after its demise. Some of the play is loosely based on the award-winning documentary The Smartest Guys in the Room.

The four main protagonists are the senior people in ENRON responsible for the collapse. The plot follows the key moments for these characters, including battles for control, accounting fraud, boardroom table sex, motorbike bonding trips, scenes at the gym, trading floor and debt-concealing companies disguised as dinosaurs. The lead character is the chief executive, Jeff Skilling, who was in love with his own brilliance. He was an ideas man, some of which included new accounting methods. Interspersed into the tale are many 1990s and turn-of-the-century zeitgeist events, such as Monica Lewinsky, the Gore/Bush election, California power crisis and the Governator, as well as 9/11. Among the many support characters in the play are Arthur Andersen, the Lehman Brothers and Arnie.

The play was originally conceived as a musical, so there are also song and dance routines interwoven into the plot as well as other very imaginative theatrical contrivances.

'Crystallises the mood of its age - hugely entertaining', Daily Telegraph

'Gripping epic and modern parable about unfettered capitalism - not a dull moment in it', The Times

'Exhilirating mix of political satire, modern morality and multimedia spectacle', The Guardian

Dates and times: Wednesday 1 to Saturday 4 August 2012 at 8 pm, Sunday 5 August at 3 pm, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 August at 6.30 pm, Thursday 9 August to Saturday 11 August at 8 pm

Ticket prices: $22 waged adults, $20 seniors, unwaged adults and tertiary students, $15 Stagecraft members and high-school students with valid ID. Two tickets for $22 on the first Thursday for all ticket categories. Early bird discount: book for the first week of the play and get $2 off the full ticket price ($20 instead of $22).


  • Jeffrey Skilling - Tim C Yarrow
  • Andrew Fastow - Luke Gumbley
  • Ken Lay - John Chalmers
  • Claudia Roe - Michelle Jordan
  • Ensemble - Felicity Cozens, Emma Yarrow, Sian Smith, Maria Williams, Brooke Tietjens, Gillian Boyes, Catherine McMechan, Bernie White, Chris O'Grady, Darryn Woods, Kourosh Ashgari, Vaughan Luckman and Will Brotherson

Crew: Paul Kay (co-director, sound designer), Joy Hellyer (co-director, sound designer), Josh Hopton Stewart (musical director, sound designer), Mel Heaphy (choreographer), Stephen Walter (trader behaviour consultant), Benjamin Haddock (fight choreographer), Amy Whiterod (production manager), Barry Meyers (stage manager), Tanya Piejus (assistant stage manager), Sue Saville (rehearsal prompt), Jane Arthur, Jane Willis (production assistant), Chris O'Neill (set designer), Stephen Fearnley (set construction coordinator), Joseph Mahoney (lighting designer), Crystal Myers (sound operator), Tanisha Wardle (multimedia design), Novena Bridge (wardrobe coordinator), Jonathan Kingston-Smith, Luke Gumbley (special props maker), Cherie Le Quesne (props coordinator), Ian and Robyn Ingleton (front of house manager), Tabitha Arthur, Chris Williamson (photographer), Scenario Communications (poster, programme and flyer design)

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