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Author: Ben Elton
Director: Andrew Cross
Production Manager: Corinna Bennett

“Gasping” is a brilliantly funny satire from the legendary writer Ben Elton (Blackadder, The Young Ones). This March Stagecraft is proud to present this quick-fire comedy and farcical story exposing the dubious ethics of big business.

Lockheart Industries is making serious money - if God wanted to buy into their stock he'd have to think twice and talk to his people.  But the CEO Sir Chiffley Lockheart just wants the buzz that finding a way to make money where none has existed before gives him. Philip, a pushy executive, offers him the “Suck and Blow,” an invention to produce designer air. “Perrier for the nostrils” becomes the marketing phenomenon of the decade. People start hoarding air for a rainy day and oxygen supplies run low. The Third World is plundered, creating a greater divide between the haves and have-nots. The world starts gasping and only the biggest suckers will survive.

"A sharp-witted satire on the heartlessness of market forces... extremely funny. . . [it] never, unlike the world's population, runs out of puff. . . "(Independent - UK)

"A poisonously funny morality play." (Sunday Times - UK)

Phillip: Clayton Foster
Chief: Colin Eade
Sandy: James Calverley
Kirsten: Janet Noble

Crew: Andrew Cross (Director), Corinna Bennett (Production Manager), Phil Mann (Mentor), Ben Haddock (Stage Manager), Amy Whiterod (Set Designer), Devon Heaphy (Lighting Designer), Simon Boyes (Sound Designer), Meredith Dooley (Wardrobe), Andrea Murray (Props), Sam Perry (Set Build), Sue Haddock (Prompt)

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