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Mr Foote's Other Leg

Written by Ian Kelly
Directed by Amy Whiterod

1-11 November 2017

About The Play

Comedy. Tragedy. Sex. Violence. Just another typical night at the theatre!

"Utterly engaging and marvellously entertaining"
– The Telegraph, London, 2015.

Stagecraft is hopping with delight to be presenting the New Zealand premiere of Ian Kelly’s roaring comedy Mr Foote's Other Leg.

This fast-paced, sometimes filthy, and always very funny play tells the true but often unbelievable story of Mr Samuel Foote, the most famous actor and comedian you've probably never heard of.

After an ill-considered wager leaves him in disarray, without a leg to stand on, Foote refuses to let his bad fortune trip him up. He pulls himself up by his bootstrap and hot-foots it back to the stage to titillate the debauched audiences of George III’s London theatre-scene where he quickly becomes a celebrated entertainer of artists, great thinkers, and even royalty, often toeing the line of decency and controversy.

But when it's felt that Foote may be taking the jokes too far and getting a little too big for his boots - well, boot - the knives come out and the fickle and powerful society in which he has become so prized is suddenly determined to cut his success off at the knees.

Mr Foote's Other Leg explores the touching (and sometimes tragic) story of how a glittering star can ascend to the heavens while keeping one foot firmly in the gutter, and not before they have tested themselves and their friendships to breaking point.

It'll knock your sock(s) off!

Contains strong language, graphic scenes, and adult themes.


  • Sam Foote: Alan Carabott
  • Peg Woffington: Charlie Potter
  • David Garrick: Luke Gumbley
  • Mrs Garner: Shannon Tubman
  • Frank Barber: Phillip Mtambo
  • Dr John Hunter: Tony Hogan
  • Charles Macklin/Benjamin Franklin: Chris O'Grady
  • Prince George: Josh Kingsford
  • Miss Chudleigh/Stagehand 1: Lisa Aaltonen
  • Hallam/Stagehand 2: Michael Pohl
  • Stagehand 3: Sarah Arndt
  • Stagehand 4: Claudia Richards

Production Team

  • Director: Amy Whiterod
  • Production Manager: Sam Perry
  • Stage Manager: Corinna Bennett
  • PA/Prompt: Sue Haddock
  • Set Design: Amy Whiterod
  • Set Construction Manager: Ben Haddock
  • Props: Holly Dance
  • Special Props: Sonya Thomas
  • Wardrobe Coordination: Novena Bridge
  • Prosthetics Adviser: Jarrod Bailey
  • Lighting Co-Designer: Mike Slater
  • Lighting Co-Designer: Aaron Blackledge
  • Sound Design: Simon Boyes
  • Publicity Team Contact: Sarah Wood


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