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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Chris O'Grady

Performances:  19-29 May 2021

About the Play

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war." The election is over and Caesar has triumphed, but for how long?  Did you vote for Caesar? Is the country now in more danger? Which side will the mob support now? Stagecraft presents Shakespeare's famous historical drama that still reflects the political landscape of today.

Be sure to bring all your friends, countrymen, and your ears, to this gripping play opening in May.

Please note this production contains flashing lights, depictions of self-harm, suicide and general violence.


Julius Caesar - Ralph Johnson

Brutus - Allyn Robins

Cassius - Tom Kereama

Antonia - Clara van Wel

Octavius / Soothsayer / Plebian - Oliver Price-Walker

Casca / Plebian - Daniel Botha

Decius Brutus / Lepidus / Plebian - Patrick McTague

Cinna / Plebian - Katie Knight

Trebonius / Plebian - James Bayliss

Lucillius / Plebian - Kent Edward Norris

Mettelus Cimber / Plebian - Greg Robins

Flavius / Popilius / Servant / Plebian - Alida Steemson

Marullus / Cinna the Poet / Servant / Plebian- Lisa Aaltonen

Portia / Plebian - Jess Brownell

Calphurnia / Plebian - Ivana Palezevic


Director - Chris O'Grady
Production Manager - Amy Whiterod
Stage Manager - Alida Steemson and Lisa Aaltonen
Props Manager - TBC
Wardrobe Manager - Helen Mackenzie
Lighting Operator - Riley Gibson
Sound Operator - Michael Farmer
Publicity Manager - TBC
Set Manager - Sam Perry
Technical Consultant - Colin McLellan
Fight choreographer - TBC
Prompt - Sue Haddock
Lighting Design - Emma Bell
Sound Design - Simon Boyes