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That Bloody Woman

That Bloody Woman

By Luke Di Somma & Gregory Cooper

Directors: Joy Hellyer & Paul Kay; Musical Director: Katie Morton

Orchestrations by Luke Di Somma, Andy Manning, Cameron Burnett, Tim Heeringa & Hannah Elise

Originally commissioned by the Christchurch Arts Festival

Originally directed by Kip Chapman

by arrangement with Music Theatre International, Australasia

Performances: 24 February – 7 March 2021

About the Play

That Bloody Woman is a rock musical that tells the story of Kate Sheppard and her fight to get women the vote. We witness not only Kate’s lengthy and at times very difficult political struggle, but also her personal journey and the sacrifices and challenges she faced along the way.

Blending musical styles from punk rock to heart-rending ballad, That Bloody Woman is a fast-paced rollercoaster, mixing humour and irreverence, tragedy and adversity, and triumph

“A badass feminist rock show not to miss.” –

Warning: Explicit language


Frankie Leota as Kate Sheppard
Megan Neill as Kate Sheppard understudy and ensemble
Kate Boyle as Jennie Lovell-Smith and ensemble
Emma Katene as Ada Wells and ensemble
Allison Phillips as Mary Leavitt and ensemble
Jayne Grace as the Vicar and ensemble
Chris Green as Richard "King Dick" Seddon
Chris Gordon as Walter Sheppard and ensemble
Angus Dunn as William Lovell-Smith and ensemble
And also introducing our Hallelujah Bonnets: Katie Morton on Keys, Maddy Walker on Guitar, Jevon Wright on Bass, and Kim Andrews on Drums