Normal Heart Auditions

By Larry Kramer
Directed by Stanford Reynolds

Auditions: 9 and 10 April 2022
Performance Dates: 29 June to 9 July 2022

About the Play
Based on the experiences of the playwright Larry Kramer, the play depicts the beginning of the AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s.

Ned Weeks, the founder of a gay men’s health advocacy group, is loud and confrontational. This leads to him becoming frustrated at the lack of response from the public and the government - but also from his fellow gay men, who fear being loud supporters of the cause for worry of outing themselves or offending anyone, despite their friends and lovers dying around them.

Originally performed in 1985 when the AIDS epidemic was still at its height, the play is raw, emotional, and powerful. The play is full of recognisable human dialogue with humour and personality, while also closely examining important social and political issues. The characters feel natural as the play is largely autobiographical, and the emotional and heartfelt scenes are incredibly moving considering their historical relevance. 


Dr. Emma Brookner F, any age 30s+
One of the first and only doctors to sympathetically treat patients with AIDS. She is stubborn and forthright, and frustrated with anyone who won’t take her work seriously.
After having polio as a child, Dr Brookner now has paraplegia and uses a wheelchair.
We are looking to cast someone who uses a wheelchair in daily life for this role.

Ned Weeks M, 30s-50s
Loud and confrontational, Ned fights for recognition and help with the AIDS crisis, often pushing those closest to him away with his stubborn nature. Falls in love with Felix.

Felix Turner M, 30s-40s
Conservatively dressed, outgoing and masculine, he is a closeted reporter for the New York Times. Falls in love with Ned.

Bruce Niles M, 30s-50s
A closeted, handsome, ex-soldier. He is charismatic and is elected leader of the gay men’s health advocacy group, and constantly clashes with Ned with his more passive approach to activism.

Mickey Marcus M, 40s-60s
A gay activist whose job is threatened because of his association with the organisation. Becomes tired and emotional and lashes out at Ned.

Ben Weeks M, 40s-50s
A lawyer and Ned’s older brother. Is unwilling to give more than passive support to his brother, which creates a rift between them.

Tommy Boatwright M, 20s-30s
A young volunteer for the organisation. He is sweet and charming, and has a southern american accent. 

Hiram Keebler M, 40s-50s
The mayor’s assistant. Unwilling to entertain Ned’s aggressive approach, and caught up in bureaucracy.

Craig Donner M, 20s-50s
Diagnosed with AIDS at the beginning of the play.

David M, 20s-50s
An AIDS patient.

Grady M, 20s-50s
A volunteer for the organisation. 

Examining Doctor M, 40s+
Declines Dr. Brookner’s application for funding to study AIDS.

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Auditions: 9 and 10 April 
Callbacks:  11 April

Auditions will take place at Toi Poneke, 61/69 Abel Smith Street. They will be in 45-minute slots and in groups of about 6 people. Audition pieces will be sent prior to the audition.

We would like for you to try a New York accent, however, the accent will be secondary to characterisation in casting decision making.

Covid-19 Protocols

Stagecraft has full documented Covid-19 protocols which we regularly update in line with Government advice. Under the red-traffic light setting, we can still rehearse and perform shows, but all those involved in the show must have a valid vaccine pass. Some flexibility in rehearsal and performance dates may be required depending on the evolving Covid-Omicron situation.

Vaccine passes are required for all auditionees.

Please email to request an audition or to ask any questions.