Auditions: Lord of the Flies

Original novel by William Golding, adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams
Directed by David G. Cox

Auditions will be held on 1st and 2nd April at Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Abel Smith Street, Wellington.

Call backs one evening of the following week may be required.

Auditions will be held in small groups at specified times. Audition pieces will be provided prior to the auditions.

Please email to book a time or with any questions.

Performance dates: 28th June – 8th July 2017.

About the Play

Golding’s classic 1954 novel tells the story of a group of school boys marooned on an island whilst around them the world is engulfed in war. Despite their initial efforts to behave “properly” the novel charts their descent into a more feral, fractured and even cannibalistic society. One group, led by Ralph (“the Ego”), attempts to function within the norms of society as they remember it whilst the other, led by Jack (“the Id”), prefers to allow gratification and violence to rule. The play is a faithful adaptation of Golding’s novel.

About the Production

This will be a raw, physical production involving hand-to-hand fighting. Although the playing-age of the characters ranges from 9-14 the intention is to cast actors ranging from around ages 18-25.

The Characters

A total of 11 actors are required.
  • Ralph: Playing age 13-14. He is a charismatic, athletic pragmatist who represents order and civilisation. Although still a boy, keen to be liked, he demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and feels the emotional responsibility which comes with leadership.
  • Jack: Playing age 13-14. He is an egoist, an athlete and represents savagery and the concept of power through violence.
  • Piggy: Playing age 12-14. He is from a different (less privileged) background to the other boys. He is overweight, short-sighted, prone to whining and used to being bullied. Despite this he is has a keen intellect and realises before the others the predicament they are in and correctly identifies what needs to be done. But he has no personal authority and so has to rely on Ralph to be heard.
  • Roger: Playing age 13-14. He is a dangerous loner who manipulates others to suit his cruel nature. Iago-like, Ralph encourages Jack to embrace the latter’s savage nature.
  • Simon: Playing age 13-14. He is shy, spiritual, sensitive and represents a more natural ‘goodness’ as opposed to the more structured civilisation represented by Ralph and Piggy. The fact that he is different causes the others to mock and laugh at him.
  • Sam & Eric: Playing age 12-13. Twin brothers (not necessarily identical) who are always together and even complete each other’s sentences. They fall in with Ralph but are forced (through threats of violence) to change sides. The two actors cast in these roles will need to develop a strong rapport with each other so that they can convincingly play the role of twins.
  • Maurice, Bill & Henry: Playing age 12-13. Typical school-boys who find fun and adventure in anything. They eventually join Jack’s tribe either through being seduced by the temptations of the savage fun on offer, or through being coerced with the threat of violence and pain.
  • Percival: Playing age 9-10. He represents the 'little’uns' – those who are younger than the main characters. The actor playing this role will need to look noticeably younger than the rest of the cast.

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