Auditions: Wonderland

Book and Lyrics by Kira Josephson, Music by Bruno Shirley
Directed by Bruno Shirley

30 August – 09 September 2017

Auditions: Saturday 20 May 2017 (with call-backs on Sunday 21 May)

Location: Auditions and call backs will be at Toi Poneke, 61 Abel Smith Street Te Aro Wellington.

To book an audition and for more information please contact Production Manager Julie Anne Garnons-Williams at

Audition times have been extended so are now available between 9.30am - 5.30pm on Saturday 20 May.

About the show
Wonderland is an original musical based on the works of Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass). This is a story about growing up and coming to terms with the fact that the adult world doesn’t always make sense.

We follow Alice as she learns the importance of individuality and following her own path, without judging others that might see the world differently. This production will involve a lot of theatrical creativity and illusions to create our magical setting (blacklight, puppetry, magic tricks, etc.).

Alice, a girl in her teens in the late 1940s, is running away from home after her parents announce their separation. As she’s fleeing through Tulgey Wood, she comes across the White Rabbit, a carnival barker.

The Rabbit runs off with her toy cat, Dinah, and she follows him to the gates of an abandoned carnival called Wonderland. Once inside, she finds herself confronted by a confusing world of sideshow freaks, fortune tellers, clowns, and a terrifying ringmaster, the Queen of Hearts. The rules don’t make sense, nonsense is the only common language, and everyone is mad.

About the audition process
Initial auditions will be approx. 5 minutes. You’ll meet the creative team, sing a song of your choice and go through a few simple vocal exercises to see what you can do. If you have any special skills, like juggling or card tricks that you’d like to show off, please let us know when booking your audition and we’ll try to give you some extra time for this.

If you’re invited for a group call back on 21 May, these will be in groups and last for one hour each. You’ll go through a dance and movement sequence, read some dialogue from the show and sing together in harmony.